Trivia Night at East Brother Beer Company

Challenge your knowledge of Richmond history while supporting your community museum at Trivia Night!

Join us for a fun evening of competition, trivia and beer. We’re raising funds to restore the Richmond Industrial City mural by Victor Arnautoff. Only a limited number of teams can compete so don’t wait to sign up!


  • The game consists of two rounds of questions
  • No more than four players to each team.
  • Each round consists of five themed categories of four questions each. Regulation Time consists of 20 questions per round for a total of 40 questions. Each round will last roughly 25 minutes.
  • Round 1 questions will be worth 10, 20 , 30 ?and 40 points for a total of 500 pts
  • Round 2 questions will be worth 20, 40, 60 and 80 points for a total of 1,000 pts
  • Answers will be submitted to the judges for verification and total points will be kept by the official game scorekeeper.
  • Questions will be presented by the Judges in order of category. Point values have been assigned arbitrarily and do not reflect relative difficulty.
  • Teams have 30 seconds to discuss and write their answers on sheet provided
  • All questions will be somehow related to Richmond California
  • NO cell phones, tablets, Iwatch or any other portable electronic device is allowed during game play.

Many thanks to our friends at East Brother Beer Co. for hosting this event.