Richmond Tales by Summer Brennan


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Richmond Tales by Summer Brennan

When Maisha and Mario become friends, their adventures takes them on a journey to discover the “lost secrets” of the Iron Triangle, a district of Richmond, California. Their journey takes them back to Richmond in Ohlone times before the Europeans arrived; Richmond in 1915 when it was a small, bustling, industrial city; Richmond in 1942 when World War II and the Home Front dramatically changed Richmond and created one of the largest ship-building centers in the nation; and forward into Richmond of the future after Maisha and Mario have grown up and helped make the city a beautiful, peaceful place to live.

Summer Brenner is the author of ten books of poetry and fiction, including the young adult novel,?IVY, Tale of a Homeless Girl in San Francisco. Currently, she works in the Richmond area on literacy-related projects.?Richmond Tales: Lost Secrets of the Iron Triangle?was funded by a grant from the Creative Work Fund as a collaborative project with the West Contra Costa Unified School District and Community Works.

  • Paperback:?213 pages
  • Publisher:?Time & Again Press; 1 edition (June 18, 2009)
  • Language:?English
  • ISBN-10:?0977974146
  • ISBN-13:?978-0977974146