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Help the Richmond Museum of History Renovate the Permanent Exhibit!

The Richmond Museum of History is very proud to be one of the oldest organizations dedicated to local history in West County! Although many things get better with age, museum exhibits do not always age gracefully. The permanent exhibit at the Richmond Museum of History was installed in 1980 and we are excited to announce we are fundraising to renovate it! The exhibit renovation will be completed in stages by chronology, so the first area that will be redone is the Native American section of the permanent exhibit. Richmond was inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years before arrival of the Spanish, and that time period has been the subject of considerable research.

The permanent exhibit will be interpretive, interactive, and accessible to all in our community when it is completely finished. We intend for the exhibit to present multiple points of view, so that all people in our diverse community will feel accurately represented. Will you please consider making a small donation toward the renovation effort?

Another Successful Historic Film Festival on the SS Red Oak Victory!

The August 21, 2014 screening of Harvey (1950) concluded the latest installment of the Historic Film Festival (HFF) aboard the SS Red Oak Victory in conjunction with our partners at the National Park Service Rosie the Riveter Visitor Education Center. We are celebrating the most successful HFF to date, as all films were well attended. The screening of Casablanca (1942) on July 10th was attended by nearly 100 people!


A Guy Named Joe (1943) was shown at the Red Oak Victory on August 7, 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2014 summer film festival! Stay tuned for the forthcoming announcement of the next series of films!


The ROVSM is a group of model makers who have been meeting for the last 13 years. We meet onboard the RED OAK VICTORY SHIP in the gunner?s mess every second Saturday of the month at 10.30am.

The reason for our informal meetings is to help each other with our individual projects. We have a few ship projects that are waiting to get started. One is the completion of a 13.5 foot victory ship hull that was discovered on the ship of a volunteer by accident.


Unfinished model found on the SS Red Oak Victory ship, currently being worked on by the ROVSM club.

There are NO dues. The coffee and donuts are free at our Saturday meetings.

So come on down and join us, you?ll have fun!

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