RMA Leadership Jeff Wright, Sandi Genser-Maack and Johannes Hoech. Revealing Hidden History Dinner Richmond Country Club. Photo by L. Foote.

The Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders, local business owners, retired educators, and local historians. Each director is elected for a three-year cycle by the general membership at the annual membership meeting in February.

 Jeffrey Wright, President Wright Realtors
Sandi Genser-Maack, Vice President Retired, Richmond Chamber of Commerce
John Ziesenhenne, Treasurer M.A. Hays Insurance Co.
Vinay Pimple, Secretary
Richard Chivers Retired, United States Post Office
 Michael Davenport DP Security
Steve Gilford Consulting Historian, Kaiser Permanente
Johannes Hoech
Lynn Maack
 Lorraine Regier
Karen Stephenson
Lydia Stewart  Stewart Rose Manor Funeral Service

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